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PERSPECTIVES FRET : Combined transport coming up trumps

August 2018

Combined rail-road transport is often highly rated by shippers. Why is that? What does the furure hold for this mode of transport? Dominique Denormandie, President of the GNTC and CEO of Transports Labouriaux and Stéphane Derlincourt, Director of Combined Transport at Fret SNCF, sat down to discuss these issues.

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Transports Labouriaux : LNG Tractor Trial

March 2018

In keeping with our eco-responsible commitments, we recently carried out a first trial with a tractor fuelled by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

Transports Labouriaux : The lack of truck drivers create opportunities on the Rail Road part

February 2018

Transports Labouriaux, located in Saône-et-Loire, recorded in the period of January a growth in turnover of 32 % compared to 2017. Recovery, new markets, new opportunities…Dominique Denormandie has an optimistic view of 2018, with even more good reasons to use combined transport.

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Wishes for 2018


Assemblée Générale du GNTC : 8 mesures pour dynamiser le transport combiné

November 2017

Pour le groupement national des transports combinés, le temps est venu de joindre la parole à l’Etat, en faveur des modes durables, à des actes concrets. Faisant écho au deuxième Paquet Mobilité de la Commission européenne, huit mesures ont été proposées lors de son assemblée générale le 16 novembre 2017, à Paris.

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