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Since March 2016, Transports Labouriaux is a member of the France Benne group.
This organisation gathers 75 companies specialised in dry bulk transport and logistics. France Benne operates throughout the national territory and the neighbouring European countries.
Today, 25 out of the 75 members are shareholders – with Transports Labouriaux’s directors -in the capital of the company.
France Benne is really investing in multimodal transport by building on Transports Labouriaux.
For our part, we can rely on a well-established network of experienced road carriers.

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Transports Labouriaux is also a member of the GNTC (National Group for Combined Transport).
It is a professional organisation unique in Europe, that gathers almost all of the companies using combined transport and which objective is to ensure the protection of its members professional interests.
Moreover, the Transports Labouriaux’s CEO is the GNTC chairman since May 2016.

Created in 1970, the International Union for Road-Rail Combined Transport (UIRR) is an industry association for the sector of Combined Transport. Its members are Combined Transport Operators and Combined Transport Terminals.
UIRR actively promotes Combined Transport and facilitates the enhancement of the sector in Europe.

FNTR (National Federation of Road Transport) is the leader trade association in the road haulage sector in France.